Listen now: top tips from RSA2018 Travel award winners

Listen now: top tips from RSA2018 Travel award winners

21 branches won at this year’s Retail Sales Awards – but what gave winning branches the edge? We caught up with Bneat in London and Lorraine in Scotland and asked them to share the secrets of their success which led their branches winning the Travel awards.

Lorraine Bneat

Meet Lorraine and Bneat.

Lorraine is Travel Specialist at Saltcoats in Scotland. They won in the Best Travel DMB category.

Bneat is Customer Relationship Manager at Canary Wharf in London. His branch won in the Best Travel – Main category.


Hear their views, tips and insights on everything from raising awareness to actively seeking out opportunities to boost sales. Through the interviews, they also covered growing success in Mails and Banking services, so we’ve included these too. 


Lorraine gives her tips on making local promotions work and quick wins for boosting customer retention and making customers feel special. Bneat talks about attracting overseas customers.


Lorraine highlights how her branch is taking advantage of the recent upsurge in mails by starting conversations with people like eBay sellers. Over in Canary Wharf, Bneat talks about the benefits of a dedicated Drop & Go counter. 


Hear how the banking framework has increased footfall in Scotland and London. Bneat shares his insights on raising awareness about all the Post Office banking services. And finding opportunities to cross-sell products and services.