In pictures: National Customer Service Week

In pictures: National Customer Service Week

Hundreds of retailers and businesses – large and small - across the country took the opportunity to celebrate National Customer Service Week which was held between 1-5 October. 

We were pleased to hear that many branches also joined the activities, with the mission of ‘doing something different to engage their customers’. Here we shine a light on some of the creative and fun ways branches got involved…. 

Team work in action at Waddington branch, Lincolnshire 


Liz (manager) and Claire (clerk) at Waddington

This is a Post Office branch located within a Co-op. Mains Sales Manager Stacey Spruce and Co-op Area Manager Penny worked with the team at Waddington to improve the responses they receive from customers on the service they provide.

During the week, they received 33 customer responses, with 26 customers recognising feedback as ‘Extra miles’ which is when a customer feels the service provided was over and beyond to what they expected to receive.

One customer’s feedback included: “Her display of patience, knowledge and understanding as well as helping the customer in front of me complete a form to sort out their problem went above the standard service you receive elsewhere.”

Community celebrations at Shoreham branch, West Sussex


Shoreham branch wanted to celebrate their first year running a Post Office. The branch converted from a directly managed branch last year, and as a thank you to their customers for their support, the team threw them a party.

They were supported by Area Sales Manager, Graeme Bower, and had a great response from the community.

It’s great to see the variety of ways on how branches are connecting with their customers and communities. 

Of course, a customer is for life, not just for National Customer Service week, so here are some ideas you can try in your branch to improve the customer experience as we head into the all-important festive period. 

  • Meet the team: our postmasters have some great relationships with customers, and events like open days give customers a chance to meet more team members and be interviewed on their experiences as customers 
  • Role play event: run a training event with employees taking turns to be a customer. Use the event as an opportunity to raise understanding and test knowledge and responses on key customer conversations 
  • Being a customer for a day: walk into your store/branch thinking like a customer and look at things from their perspective – are there small changes that can improve the customer journey to the counter - move things around to see if things could be made simpler and more welcoming and easy to navigate around 
  • And finally, not forgetting the customer drivers: we ask customers for their score on each individual driver, so you can better understand which areas customers are getting fantastic service, and which could be improved. You can see your branch results through If you have not yet registered, please email


Let us know if you or your team have gone the extra mile for customers recently – we’d love to share more success stories from across our network. Log in to comment and share your ideas and activities.