Getting social with Postmaster Neal Gurney

Getting social with Postmaster Neal Gurney

Neal Gurney is Postmaster of five branches based in and around Norfolk including Thunder Lane and Acle. Here we talk to him about the role social media plays in raising awareness of your business and providing excellent customer service. 

When did you start using social media for your business?

Probably around five or so years ago. I initially set it up when the first branch I managed had a refit under Network Transformation so we wanted to raise awareness about that. 

How easy is it to use?

It’s very easy to use – I spend probably an hour or so a week managing social media pages for five branches. I also sometimes copy and paste more general posts that are relevant to multiple branches, which saves time. 

Has it made a difference to your business?

As I’m no longer spending as much time in branch, it’s been very useful to stay in touch with customers through social media. It’s great from a customer perspective as they can easily find out basic information like opening hours, and also leave feedback, often as a private message.

If a customer has had a bad experience then I’m able to handle it, even if I haven’t been in that branch. Customers are always pleased with a fast response, a reasonable explanation and an apology if necessary. It’s usually simple enough to clear up and the customer goes away happier than before! 

Which platforms do you use?

We have Facebook and Twitter pages for the branches, but I mainly use Facebook. The age demographic we’re aiming at tends to be 25 and above, who still use Facebook.

What’s your top tip for other postmasters looking to get more out of social media?

We’ve had the best response from video posts. When we first opened one of the branches, I did a selfie-style video which welcomed people into the store and gave them a guided tour. We’ve definitely had considerably more interaction and engagement with videos than pictures or written posts. 

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