Customers love number one branch

Customers love number one branch

We speak to Branch Manager Caroline Wilson from Cardigan Post Office in West Wales, Wales and Northern Ireland region, which came first for providing an outstanding customer experience during Love Your Customers week (10-14 February).

During this celebration of the brilliant level of service provided by our Postmasters and branch teams all over the UK, 92.5% of customers who responded were really happy with their experience of Post Office and rewarded braches with an Extra Mile.

How do you feel about Cardigan branch making the top 10?

We are over the moon to be first in the UK!

What do you think you do to offer a good customer experience in Cardigan branch?

Smiles and humour is a perfect balance, with a professional and knowledgeable service. We have an excellent rapport with our locals, but most of all they trust us. General enquires will often result in repeat, new customers.

Cardigan being a small town, our reputation is vital, often leading to sales from non-local residents and tourists year on year. Again this is because of knowledge, trust and high quality, consistent service. Product and service knowledge is so very important.

Did you do anything differently in Cardigan branch during Love Your Customers week?

We firmly recognise that the Post Office being an integral part of the community has become more exposed to external threats and opportunities since bank closures and competition from rival couriers. As a result, we decided that we would actively encourage people to say how they feel about us; this helped us to identify any areas we could further improve for ourselves, whilst also sharing best practice with other Post Offices.

Our existing and new customers often remark on how refreshing it is to visit a standalone Post Office, this is clearly a valued position in our customers’ hearts and minds.

What we feel in the Cardigan branch, is that it is important that our lessons along with other Post Office lessons, are shared and effectively deployed across the whole of the UK for everyone's benefit, to help build upon and strengthen the future of the Post Office in challenging times.

What advice or top tips can you offer on providing customer service excellence?

Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge. Smile, humour, patience.

Think ahead, try to identify what the customer may need in addition to their initial enquiry. Linking sales not only creates extra remuneration, but highlights what other services the customer may not even be aware of. Taking time to understand and identify these opportunities is key to help the Post Office diversify, which is a must in today's economic environment.

Above all else, you need passion for the job and love what you do and want to help people. 

Long live the Post Office!

Caroline (pictured, left, with regular business banking customer, Carys) and the team at Cardigan branch received over 100 Extra Miles during Love Your Customers week. Here is a small selection of customers’ comments:

  • It is always a pleasure to visit our Post Office, I have always found the staff helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and have a great sense of humour.
  • Gwen fawr yn fy nghroesaru wrth mynd tuad at y cownter (A big smile welcomes me heading to the counter).
  • The member of staff was extremely helpful and polite. The manager also made contact and interacted during my visit – all 3 staff were very helpful and polite.