Two Weeks to Go: A Look Back on Christmas So Far

Two Weeks to Go: A Look Back on Christmas So Far

With Christmas is less than two weeks away, we take a look back on what’s been happening in branch so far, including who are the key customers coming through the door during this period and how branches are getting into the Christmas spirit.

Who are our key customers?

Christmas is our peak time for mails, with a massive 30% of mails income coming from December alone. We took a look at who are the people coming through the door, especially in the run up to Christmas.

The key customer groups are social senders, who make up the bulk of customers over the Christmas period, who might only come in once a year to send Christmas cards or presents. The next key group is returns customers, one of the key growth areas in the market, who want speed and security when it comes to sending their items back. And finally, marketplace sellers: business people who are likely to see an increase in orders in the run up to Christmas, and are looking for a seamless journey for themselves and their customers.

Top Tips from the Retail Sales Awards 2018

Christmas is fast approaching, but there’s still time to get some last minute mails advice from some of the winners from the Retail Sales Awards. You can listen to top tips from some of the winners here.

Celebrating Christmas and Giving Back to the Community

A number of Post Offices have been getting into the Christmas spirit by living Post Office’s social purpose and giving back to the community. Sheffield Post Office and Ashford Post Office have been raising awareness and accepting donations for local food banks in their areas.

Another Postmaster, Richard Tilbe, got in touch about how he was making Christmas special in his local community by working with a local school in Oxfordshire.

To see how other branches have been getting festive this Christmas click here. There have also been more celebrations for branches across the network with the Henderson’s Award Ceremony held in Belfast this year.

Social Media Posts You Can Share

You can remind your customers of the last recommended posting dates before Christmas by sharing social media posts from this article, and it’s the perfect time to promote One4All gift cards, particularly to business banking customers – find out why here.

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