Top customer trends over Christmas

Top customer trends over Christmas

Understanding customers is key to success at any time of the year, but during Christmas – our peak trading period – understanding the behaviours of our customers is even more important. This year we asked our customers about their sending habits over the Christmas to dig out some top tips for next year.

Over 900 customers across all age demographics responded to our survey and here are some of the top things we discovered.

Post’s on the decline? Think again.

Overall the percentage of people saying they would send cards and parcels is in line with last year:

  • 90% said they were planning on sending cards
  • 38% planning to send small parcels
  • 33% planning to send large letters

And it’s not just inland mail…

Whilst 91% of respondents said they were sending in the UK, over half (52%) said they were planning on posting abroad!

But people are leaving buying stamps to the last minute more and more.

When comparing when customers planned to buy stamps to last year there’s an obvious shift. 

  2017 2018
Before 10th Dec  87% 64%
Before 17th Dec 15% 27%
Before 20th Dec 1% 1%
Not planning to buy 7% 8%

But when they do buy them, the Post Office is still the place to go!  

87% of people still prefer to go to a Post Office to get their stamps whilst the rest go to a supermarket or convenience store and just 2% getting them from Royal Mail online.

And as for parcels, 2nd Class postage is the preferred option for customers. 

2nd< Class 72%
1st Class  42%
1st Class Signed For 19%
2nd Class Signed For 19%
Special Delivery 10%

And finally, knowing the last posting date is still important to 53% of people and 44% said they were aware of the UK Last Posting Dates and 39% aware of international ones.

And how did they find out?

  • 23% Royal Mail leaflet
  • 20% Royal Mail website
  • 19% Post Office leaflet
  • 13% asked in branch
  • 12% told in branch
  • 11% Post Office website
  • 4% Post Office email

Just showing the value of using all channels available to reach customers over the festive period!

So there you have it – our top customer trends this Christmas. Did any surprise you? Let us know in the comments!