Real-time customer feedback

Real-time customer feedback

Through our new real-time social media feed, we can see what customers are saying about Post Office and branch services.

Data from January 2018 shows that there are 4.02 billion internet users around the globe – 53% of the world’s total population. Active social media users make up 3.2 billion, or 42% of the population.
There’s no escaping it – social media is here to stay. It is now becoming more and more common for customers to turn to Facebook or Twitter to share their experiences of the service they received whether it’s at a restaurant, shop or Post Office. And customers are expecting a greater level of speed, convenience and transparency in their replies. Whilst many customers tend to share negative feedback, there is a lot of positive experiences celebrated too.

Whatever the feedback, we need to listen and learn to improve the experience we provide to customers across the business and in branches, ensuring we consistently provide excellent customer care. This is particularly important in the run up to Christmas when more customers visit branches and talk to us on social media.

What customers are saying right now

Through our new real-time feed, we can see what customers are saying about Post Office and branch services on social media. See the real-time feedback here.

It’s really important everyone understands what customers are saying about our services. We’re now showing this real-time feed to all colleagues in the Customer Support Centre in London, and our dedicated social media team in the Chesterfield Support Centre continue to respond to any comments or feedback customers post on social media.

How are your customers feeling? Access your branch level information now

More than 70,000 customers have shared their branch experiences through the Voice of the Customer programme this year. As we move into the busiest period of the year, we will see many customers who may only visit us once a year. For some it might be their first visit to a branch. It’s vitally important the experience they have with us is a good one.

Now is a good time to pause, reflect and take time to read about what your customers are saying about the services you provide in your branch. Login through and refresh and update colleagues on the six customer drivers of Friendly, Professional, Knowledge, Understanding, Efficiency and Expectations.