OutsideIn: Mental Health Awareness Week

OutsideIn: Mental Health Awareness Week

25% of the people will at some point in their lives feel the impact of mental ill health. That's 25% of the people you walk past in the supermarket, who you see liking photos on your Facebook profile, who send you Christmas cards every year. It can strike at any time and to anyone - making it all the more important that we maintain a dialogue around mental health to help end the stigma that exists around it. Here we look at the impact of mental ill health to business to try and give you an idea of how big the problem in Britain today.

Can only manage a few minutes this week? This video from the Mental Health Foundation looks at whether we’re surviving or thriving in modern Britain and invites viewers to take a survey to spot whether they’re fulfilling their potential.

Grabbing fifteen minutes for lunch? In this blog, Lloyds Bank CEO talks about ending the taboo around mental health in the workplace.

Got half an hour set aside? In this Radio 4 programme, David Baker asks how far companies should go in managing their employee's mental health.

If you’re worried about your own or anybody else’s mental health, you can visit our Wellbeing Portal or any of the below sites.




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