OutsideIn: A Look At Gender Equality At Work

OutsideIn: A Look At Gender Equality At Work

You’ve probably heard the news - Post Office has once again been named a times Top 50 Employer for Women! The accolade is a great achievement and a testament to all the hard work we’ve done across the business to provide a nurturing environment for all of our employees.

But why is this important and what’s going on outside of Post Office on the topic of gender balance in the workplace. Here we share some articles, podcasts and videos on just that topic – whether you have an hour, half an hour or just 5 minutes! 

Can only manage a few minutes this week? No problem! This Business in the Community factsheet gives you a quick overview of how women succeeding at work benefits business and society!

Grabbing half an hour for lunch? This TedTalk, delivered by Michael Kimmel, gives the practical and often hilarious case for why gender equality in the workplace benefits everyone!

Got an hour set aside? The Harvard Business Review created this series of podcasts that untangle the issues that many women face at work. Tackling big issues like how to get back into work following #MeToo and the gender pay gap – the panel discuss hot topics in the world of Gender Balance in the workplace.  

Check OutsideIn next week for more interesting articles, podcasts and videos about real issues impacting our business!

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