OutsideIn: A deep dive on Artificial Intelligence

OutsideIn: A deep dive on Artificial Intelligence

In the world of technology there seems to be an inexhaustible list of buzzwords and terms to get to grips with. Machine learning, Blockchain, Dark Data, AI. It’s hard to keep up with what it all means – not to mention what it actually does! To help tackle this we’ve pulled together some handy resources that should give you a good grounding on ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Who not take a look? There’s something whether you have an hour, half an hour or just a couple of minutes!

Can only manage a few minutes this week?  This video gives a quick overview of AI and should help give you a good idea of exactly what AI is!

Grabbing half an hour for lunch? This TedTalk  looks at how AI could actually impact our lives. Join Jeff Dean as he discusses how advances in AI and technology could impact everything from healthcare to human creativity!

Got an hour set aside? This episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage discusses Artificial Intelligence. They discuss whether we’re actually close to creating a truly intelligent machine, and what the moral and ethical issues that the development of intelligent machines might bring.

Just want some fun? This article lists some of the best chatbots on the internet that you can actually talk to! Why not check them out and have a conversation with some AI in real time!

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