More than just surviving

More than just surviving

Today is World Mental Health Day, which offers us the opportunity to reflect on our own mental health and think about how we can promote a healthy culture within our organisation. We know that where we work can have a big impact on our mental health – in fact 1 in 3 people in the UK said work was the number one cause of stress and anxiety in their lives. And last year, mental ill health cost the UK economy £34.9bn last year according to the Centre for Mental Health – proving the risk to businesses if they don’t devote due attention to the metal wellness of their employees.

But our approach to mental health has to be more than minimising mental ill health, it has to be focussed on maximising wellness, and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to thrive. And here at Post Office, we want to do just that.

We’ve made huge strides over the past year, we’ve trained 40 mental health first aiders who are now out in the business supporting those who need it. Find out more about the MHFA scheme here. We also have some great internal resources that can help each one us look after our own wellbeing. And now, Public Health England have shared with us some of their resources from the Every Mind Matters Campaign to help us support our people further.

The resources provide expert advice, handy tips and a practical action plan which will allow every one of us to take real control of our own mental health. Ensuring we’re more than just surviving, but truly flourishing.

Promoting better mental health in our workforce is more than just a nice-to-have HR initiative, it’s essential to us being a successful organisation. Having a mentally well workforce leads higher levels of productivity, more collaboration and creative thinking and generally a more effective company culture. It’s just good business.