Group Litigation update

Group Litigation update

You will be aware of the judgment in the High Court relating to the Group Litigation Order being brought against Post Office.

We are determined to do more to speed up improvements for postmasters and take the Judgment very seriously. We recognise that we must always continue to do better in the interests of our customers and postmasters.  

You can read the statement we made following the judgment and watch our Retail CEO, Debbie Smith, talking about it here.

When the Judgment was handed down we made clear that there were areas around the interpretation of our contracts where the Judge’s conclusions differ from what we expected from a legal standpoint and we are therefore seriously considering an appeal on certain legal interpretations.

As promised last week we will keep you updated on any developments and since the judgment was made public we have reflected in great depth on the proceedings and detailed judgment from the first trial and will continue to consider all options.

As part of this, we have made an application today for the sitting Judge to be recused – meaning removed - from the ongoing and upcoming trials.

We continue to believe that the resolution of group litigation remains the best opportunity to resolve long-standing issues in order to ensure a stable and sustainable Post Office network for the benefit of the communities who rely on the services you provide every single day.