Getting To Know You: The iGeneration

Getting To Know You: The iGeneration

Last week, we introduced you to the next generation of customer, Generation Z. We told you how they shop, think and act differently to other customer groups before them. But we wanted to know from them what they really want from brands and to ask their frank opinion of Post Office.

We got in contact with Ellie from Manchester, to ask her about her perceptions of Post Office and to ask her about her shopping habits. To give you some context, Ellie is an A-Level student born in 2000. Her most used iPhone app is Snapchat and she’s really into “retro” bands “Like Oasis and Blur”. (Do you feel old yet?)

Here’s our interview:

Hi Ellie, first off - what was the last item you bought and how did you buy it?

The last thing I bought was a top and some earrings off ASOS. I actually bought the top in two different sizes as I didn’t know if it would fit. And I ordered it off the ASOS app on my phone whilst I was watching TV at home.

And, why did you choose to shop at ASOS?

I always shop on ASOS as there’s loads of brands on there and so much choice. Also it’s really easy to send stuff back if it doesn’t fit or if it doesn’t look the same as I thought it would.

Isn’t it easier to just go to a shop and try it on if you want something? If you do that you don’t have to post it back to anyone.

No not really - going shopping is more of a hassle. With ASOS I can just do it from my phone and then sending stuff back is really simple. If I go shopping it’s more to socialise with friends or to have a day out but if I actually need something I’ll just get it online.

So do you send these parcels back at the Post Office?

I actually don’t think I’ve ever been to a post office off my own back. I give ASOS parcels to my mum generally! But I guess I would go for returning things to shops if I had to.

When you think of the Post Office, what do you think of?

Letters, parcels and stamps? I don’t really know!!

But do you like the Post Office?

Yeah I guess, but I just never use it. I’d be sad if it closed though!

Ok, so if you don’t really use the Post Office. Which brands do you interact with most?

The companies I use most are depop, DICE, ASOS, Netflix, Spotify, Buzzfeed. I guess I like them because they’re really easy to use but also quite fun and I can get use them whenever I want.

What do you think the Post Office can do to attract more people like you?

I think just telling us more about what you do, maybe by being on social media that we use. I think it’s definitely getting better – I saw an Instagram story from Post Office and there are posts on twitter but I think it just needs to reach more people.

So there you have it. From just one conversation with just one Gen-Zer we can learn so much about how they like to shop.

They want convenience – having the option to shop from an app, without having to leave their own home is desirable.

They want easy interactions – whether buying items or returning them the interaction needs to be frictionless!

They like brands that are digital, friendly and engaging – avoid the corporate speak and be authentic.

They may not really know what we do but Post Office has a real opportunity to shape our relationship with these customers. And if we play our cards right, we can build positive relationships with Gen Z and get them to be real advocates of our brand.