Five surprising ways you can reduce your carbon footprint

Five surprising ways you can reduce your carbon footprint

This week, we’re supporting Green Great Britain Week, a national opportunity for individuals and businesses to think more about how they can reduce their carbon footprint and ensure we’re protecting our planet as much we can from the threats of climate change.

By now, we all know the drill. Use less plastic. Recycle more. Avoid driving when you can. But here are five surprising ways you can reduce your carbon footprint that you might not be aware of.

Keep it local

Making sure you’re buying produce from local suppliers can reduce your energy uses in spades. Transportation of products contributes to a huge proportion of our carbon emissions and buying products that did not need to be transported will improve your local economy and reduce carbon emissions. Win win!

Use a laptop

Desktop computers use 80% more battery than a laptop and perform nearly similar functions. Unless you absolutely need an extremely fast processor an ecofriendly option can be found in the humble laptop.

Don’t charge your phone overnight!

A lot of us are guilty of this one, but it’s a real energy guzzler! Believe it or not, a fully charged device plugged in to the wall will continue to use energy – in fact, according to the National Resources Defence Council, not unplugging fully charged devices costs the US economy $19 billion in energy every year. So when the average smartphone only takes about 2 hours to charge from empty to full, we often have 6 hours of ‘vampire power’ being sucked from the mains.

Why not go meat free next Monday?

We all know that eating less meat can dramatically reduce climate change, as livestock accounts for a staggering 51% of greenhouse gases. But did you know the impact that going meat free, for just one day a week? According to the Meat Free Monday home page, if all Americans ate no meat, chicken or fish for just one day a week, this would result in the same carbon savings as taking 19.2million cars off the road in the US for an entire year, or save emission equivalent to 46 million return flights from New York to Los Angeles! So a small act can have a big difference!

Make yourself accountable

Keeping track of how much energy you use can be a great reminder to keep your usage in check. Smartphone apps like the ones this article can help you keep track of your usage and act as a friendly reminder to do the small things to reduce your energy consumption!

Do you know of any other surprising ways to reduce your carbon footprint, or do you have any suggestions for how Post Office could do more for the planet? Let us know on Yammer using the hashtag #GreenGB or email us at and let us know.