Black History month: Who inspires you?

Black History month: Who inspires you?

This week saw the start of Black History Month 2018, and to celebrate, the BAME group has asked colleagues from around the business to tell us about black historical figures who mean something to them.

We all recognise the value of positive role models. People from history, public life or closer to home, who’ve done great things, achieved firsts, spoken words that moved or motivated us, or just live their life in a way that makes us want to do better ourselves.

There are far more prominent, successful black people in the media now than in past decades. But in the history taught in our schools, in our statues, guidebooks and blue plaques, even in films and TV, many important black historical figures and events are absent or not as well known. This is a great opportunity to hear a few of those stories.

The first in our series comes from Sharon Gilkes, Digital Channel Director, who shares the story of a woman who inspires her.

“My historical figure is Sojourner Truth (1797-1883).

She was an African-American abolitionist and women’s rights campaigner. In 1851, she gave a famous extemporaneous speech “Ain’t I a woman?” which spoke against the double prejudices of the age; supporting equal rights for blacks and women. You can read about her here.”

Do you have a black historical figure who inspires you? Let us know who they are and why on Yammer, or email