Would you trust Amazon with your house keys?

Would you trust Amazon with your house keys?

Modernising our products and services. Digitising and optimising the business. Two of our five North Star priorities are linked to advances in technology. Recently, we’ve been looking at how technology and trust go hand-in-hand. And how new products and services from companies of all sizes are set to revolutionise the way we get things done. But only if we put our trust in them. One such innovation is Amazon Key.

What is Amazon Key?

Sick of packages being pinched off your porch or rained on? Amazon Key is a ‘just inside your door’ delivery system that can help. But only if you trust Amazon’s smart-lock technology to let a courier in when you’re out. This video explains more.

But would you trust it?

The benefits are clear: no more stolen or soggy packages. Royal Mail won’t leave items where they could get damaged or stolen but other operators do.

You’ve also got the option to use the Amazon Key app to let friends, family, and service providers like cleaners or estate agents in when you’re not home.  No need to get a bunch of extra keys cut and keep track of who has them.  You’re effectively giving keyless access to the people you trust.

How does Amazon Key in-home delivery work?

Amazon Key is a kit made up of three components: Amazon Cloud Cam, a compatible smart lock, and an indoor security camera.

You install the Cloud Cam and lock in your home. Then download the app to your smartphone. On delivery day, Amazon gives you a heads-up in the morning and then notifies you just before the delivery happens. You can cancel it or watch a live stream of the delivery person enter your home, drop off the package and leaves after closing your door. Amazon unlocks and re-locks your door.

Can I trust it?

This is where it starts to get tricky. It depends on how comfortable you are with apps and Amazon taking care of things in your absence. Amazon Key works from a place of trust. You can watch the delivery take place so it’s not the delivery person who presents the problem. Tech.co recently cited software problems and the security of the smart locks as the real barrier to the success of Amazon Key in-home delivery.

Do I really need it?

If you love technology and actively engage with the latest gadgets, Amazon Key may appeal to you. Possibly not if you can live without them. Tech.co. make an interesting point about the usefulness of Amazon Key. It solves the problem of packages being pinched or sitting out in the rain. But there’s a ‘but’.

“Both of these things can be solved by using the [Amazon] lockers or by heading to the Post Office.” – Tech.co.

Is it available in the UK?

Not yet. Amazon Key is currently being rolled out to Amazon Prime members in selected U.S. cities and their surrounding areas.