Redefining midlife

Redefining midlife

If Post Office is to matter as much tomorrow as it does today – to each group in every community – we need to be fresh and relevant in the ways we talk to them. And adapt to fit the ways they’re evolving with the times. We’ve met Millennials and Gen Z, identified their likes, needs and loves. But what about the over-50s and beyond?Who are the midlife tribes changing the game?

We recently identified six emerging midlife tribes who are changing our perceptions of midlife and beyond.

  • Family Builders are focused on loved ones with 1 in 4 hoping to provide financial support.
  • Elderpreneurs want to pursue new career ambitions – 1 in 4 have set up a business.
  • New Horizians are keen to travel and try new things.
  • Fitness Finders are focused on improving health and wellbeing
  • New Lease on Lovers have lifestyles that revolve around dating
  • Community Champions are interested in mentoring and volunteering for charities in their local communities.

Talking to the forgotten demographic – the over-50s

A recent Mintel survey found that 37% of 50-68s feel excluded in advertising, while 46% say they felt their age group was patronised.

Here’s a real world example close to home. A Post Office colleague who just turned 50 told us how he received a letter one week later with the headline: “Have you been expecting us?” He opened it to find an over-50s insurance plan all laid out. His Facebook response began with an “F” and ended in “off’.

Using the right words and channels

Often ignored or misrepresented by brands, midlifers and beyond represent one of the largest and wealthiest groups in the UK[ii]. It’s no surprise that they are taking exciting steps to help meet their goals and aspirations, such as travelling to new places, taking on fitness challenges or starting a business. They need advice – like their 20-something counterparts. They want reviews and recommendations, too. And just like everyone else, they don’t want to be stereotyped, pigeonholed or patronised. A recent Raconteur article highlighted the fact that midlifers are digitally savvy so don’t appreciate being represented as technophobes or technologically illiterate.

“Thanks in part to the readability of tablets, social media among the over-50s has increased by 30% in recent years with some retailers seeing up to 200% increase in sales for the over-50s, partly driven by online purchases.” – The Raconteur

So, what is Post Office doing?

We’re launching products and services using language that speaks to their likes, needs and lifestyle changes in open, honest and useful ways. Like the Retirement Link mortgage, which helps people borrow into retirement. We’re also taking a fresh look at how and where we talk to midlifers. Online, on screen and in person.

What can we learn from other industries and brands?

L’Oréal’s Golden Age campaign is a great example of a brand engaging women over 50 who want to celebrate their lives now rather than turn back the clock. Brand ambassador Helen Mirren hails the dawning of a new ‘golden age’ without once using the term ‘anti-aging’. L’Oréal neatly sidestepped stereotypes and portraying negatives like the limitations of ageing. They spoke to their audience in fresh, positive ways geared towards instilling confidence, energy and excitement. About beginnings and possibilities as opposed to problems and endings.

Finding CommonUnity

As we’ve seen above, so many likes, needs and loves transcend age. Most of us want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Finding and celebrating the connections we share and supporting communities across the country is at the heart of Post Office campaigns like CommonUnity campaign. We found that 73% of 18-24 year-olds and 77% of over-55s said that being part of a community is important. Those two figures speak volumes.