Five travel market trends and predictions for 2019

Five travel market trends and predictions for 2019

The heatwave of summer 2018 saw two thirds of us plan a British break. But what does the forecast hold for the next 12 months in the travel market?

A combination of the heatwave, the Royal Wedding and the World Cup helped make 2018 a bumper year for British travel. BBC News reported that two thirds of us planned a British break last year.

Unusually hot weather is predicted until 2020

According to new research from the University of Brest in France. But will other factors determine where, when and how we holiday in 2019? The biggest travel trends for the year ahead include everything from eco-conscious travel to play breaks for grown-ups. Experience will be everything.

1. Playful breaks for grown-ups will be big

The latest travel trends report claimed playful breaks will be popular with those looking to escape the stresses of adult life. The bookings giant discovered that 42% of travellers plan to visit a destination that makes them “feel like a child again”. It also predicted that features like ball pits and bouncy castles aimed at adults will pop up in more hotels and resorts.

2. Instagram holidays are a thing for Millennials

Two-thirds of 18-34 year-olds choose a holiday destination based on how it will look on their Instagram photos, claims travel agency Expedia. Its #Social_Travel report revealed that one in five Millennials and Gen-Xers spent over an hour documenting their experiences on social media while travelling.

3. Technology is going to make it easier for us to travel also cited AI, VR and speech recognition as innovations that will simplify the way we all travel. Think keyless hotel room access via your phone, personalised travel tips and real-time luggage tracking. Plus apps that control every aspect of your trip, from planning and booking to buying and spending travel money.

4. We’ll book more last minute holidays

Swiss online booking company Trekksoft cited last minute bookings as one of the trends driving the travel industry in 2019. It found that bookings are mostly made just 13 days in advance with weather being a major influence in decision-making. It’s a view echoed by Patricia Yates, the director of Visit Britain. She told BBC News that hot weather acts a “timely reminder” to people who are making a “late call on where to go on holiday”.

5. TV and film tourism will really take off

We live in the golden age of TV. Thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, we have a dizzying selection of high-end TV shows to entertain us. Most of which feature inspiring locations from Scotland to New Zealand. Our viewing preferences are increasingly affecting our choice of holiday destination. The Week cited film and TV tourism as one of its top five travel trends for 2019. It predicts that the forthcoming Helen Mirren film Catherine the Great will 'put Lithuania on the map'. And that the final series of Game of Thrones will inspire plenty of trips to Croatia, Iceland and Northern Ireland.