Are you a technophobe or a technophile?

Are you a technophobe or a technophile?

Meet Linda Jane Sterland, CRM at Ravenhead branch and self-confessed technophobe. But is she really? Listen to her thoughts on Alexa, digital banking and more and it’s clear Linda’s more open to technology’s benefits at work and home than she thought. Are you?

Start it up

Linda talks about how she’s had to teach herself to get to grips with an increasing digital world.

From drones to Google Home

We asked Linda what she knew about these technologies and if she could see any practical use for them at work.

Letting technology take the wheel

Linda balances her personal feelings about driverless vehicles with the benefits of using them in-branch and for parcel deliveries. 

Internet banking vs. cash

Customers love contactless – especially the younger ones. But is there still value in keeping cash alive for local businesses and customers who can’t or won’t embrace digital?

Should Post Office do digital identity?

Do we need new technology and products to stay at the top? Linda’s answers may surprise you.

Technology and the human touch

Do we have sacrifice one for the other? Linda paints a picture of her perfect branch, blending the personal touch with tools that help postmasters tell customers about Post Office products and services that make getting things done easier and quicker.