An interview with...the ACS

An interview with...the ACS

A report published a few weeks ago by the Association of Convenience Stores launches their latest Local Shop Report which revealed the role of Post Offices in the UK, and provided a comprehensive picture of the convenience sector.

The full report is packed with information on the latest trends and shift taking place across the sector.

With many Post Offices in convenience stores, we spoke to Paul Chamberlain, Commercial Director at the Association of Convenience Stores to share some highlights, opportunities and top tips our branches can take forward.  

The video looks at the following themes. 

  • What changes are we seeing in convenience stores?
  • What are the key opportunities?
  • What are the missed opportunities?
  • How is technology changing the sector?
  • How can branches maximise with limited space?
  • How can branches make the most of seasonal peaks?

Will you try any of these tips, or do you have any ideas and innovations you have tried in your store? Let us know in the comments below.