Connect with your customers this Burns’ Night


Connect with your customers this Burns’ Night

Offering another chance to reach out to communities, it’s Burns Night this week. Connect with your customers and local community by sharing these lesser known facts about Burns Night and by sharing our social media posts in the link...

  • 07-11-2018

    Observing Remembrance Sunday

    At 11:00 on Sunday 11 November, communities around the UK will fall silent in remembrance of those servicemen and women who have lost their lives in war. Here are some draft messages you can share on social...

  • 26-09-2018

    Changing customer expectations

    To remain number one in Mails, we have to understand how customer expectations and demands are changing and what it could mean for the service we provide.

  • 26-09-2018

    An interview with...the ACS

    Paul Chamberlain, Commercial Director at the Association of Convenience Stores shares information on the latest trends and opportunities within the sector

  • 25-09-2018

    The power of inclusion

    This week is National Inclusion Week, an annual opportunity for employers around the country to reflect on what inclusion really means. We asked some of our colleagues who are members of our D&I networks...

  • 19-09-2018

    Christmas in September

    Christmas products spotted at Tesco, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer and Poundland ... in September

  • 11-09-2018

    A cashless society?

    Knowing what our customers think is key requirement for a commercial business, so we went out to some of our branches to ask them what they think about the future of cash and to discover how they've been...

  • 04-09-2018

    An expert view: Cash in the UK

    The future of cash is something we hear a lot about in the media, but what do the experts think? Here we talk to Adrian Buckle from UK Finance to ask what UK Finance thinks about the future of cash in...

  • 29-08-2018

    Top retailers recognised

    Congratulations to the 33 retailers with a Post Office who have been listed in the top 100 by the Independent Achievers Academy.

  • 22-08-2018

    Are you a technophobe or a technophile?

    Meet Linda Jane Sterland, CRM at Ravenhead branch and self-confessed technophobe. But is she really? Listen to her thoughts on Alexa, digital banking and more and it’s clear Linda’s more open to technology’s...

  • 20-08-2018

    How has mobile technology changed the way we shop?

    The rise of the smartphone has changed the game for retailers and consumers alike. But how much so? Here are some quick facts and stats to tell the story.

  • 15-08-2018

    Would you trust Amazon with your house keys?

    Sick of packages being pinched off your porch or rained on? Amazon Key is a ‘just inside your door’ delivery system that can help. But only if you trust Amazon’s smart-lock technology to let a courier...